Proven investigative and intelligence techniques which combat fraud, reduce risk, maximize profits.

Gaffney, Gallagher & Philip(GGP) is a forensic consulting firm which provides an array of services to vigorously protect assets and manage risk, in a rapidly changing regulatory business environment. Our professional staff of investigators, consultants and analysts utilize their decades of experience in international law enforcement and financial regulation to ensure our global clientele receive a world class suite of bespoke services. Here are a few:


GGP offers a broad spectrum of investigative services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We rely on a global network of investigators and forensic specialists to gather relevant information from an array of public and proprietary sources.

Investigation Expertise

Crisis Management

A company’s response to a crisis in the first 24 hours is often the key to containment and is determined by the degree of pre-planning, crisis preparation, and the availability of qualified resources that are necessary to keep the core business profitable.

Mitigate Crisis

Asset Tracing

Fraud in commercial enterprises is often an internal problem and external threat and can result in the failure of your business and risk to your reputation.

Find Your Assets.

Due Diligence

Companies now need more training and upgraded systems to stay ahead of the curve and avoid the threat of adverse publicity and international sanctions. The commercial need for Due Diligence is worldwide.

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GGP consultants and legal personnel have the combined skills and expertise that strengthen the litigation team, provide effective case management results and reduce overall costs for our clients. Our specialty is conducting domestic and international investigations.

Litigation Support

Intellectual Property

While industrial espionage has been a chronic problem since nearly the dawn of the industrial revolution, it is a particularly acute problem in the 21St Century as the world transitions to a truly global economy.

IP Protection

Preventive Consulting

Our primary goals are to preserve client assets and maximize profits and efficiency. These objectives are woven into every phase of the consulting engagement – from planning, designing and implementing – to managing cutting-edge programs.

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GGP Expertise. Your Concerns. Our Solution.

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