Intellectual Property

The development of cutting edge new technologies is the lifeblood of businesses in the competitive global business environment.  Research and development of these technologies is costly and consumes a substantial amount of time and creativity.  The compromise or outright theft of the technology produced by this R & D bestows an unfair competitive advantage in the form of pricing of products or accelerated launching of competitive product lines.  While industrial espionage has been a chronic problem since nearly the dawn of the industrial revolution, it is a particularly acute problem in the 21St Century as the world transitions to a truly global economy.  Domestic and foreign businesses aggressively seek increasingly greater market share and competitive advantage by stealing the technology they require much in the same way that governments have sought strategic technologies to enhance their national security and military power.


GGP empowers clients to take appropriate action to secure technology and company trade secrets.  The unique methodology or technology that enables users to derive greater efficiency or effectiveness in their work place determines the value of the product or service and it is this unique information that must be protected to preserve the proprietary value to a business. The Economic Espionage Act of 1996 provides an effective tool to address economic espionage.  Businesses and those that serve them owe an obligation to their company and its shareholders to understand the essential elements of this criminal statute and how to utilize it as an effective tool to combat economic espionage.


GGP brings together a cadre of experts in this field to provide innovative solutions to secure the clients’ proprietary information, to prevent its loss or compromise.  GGP can deploy a team of investigators expeditiously to aggressively investigate suspected theft of technology or misuse of trade secrets.  GGP provides investigative consulting and onsite training of employees to enhance protection of company trade secrets.

Intellectual Property, Your Greatest Asset

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