Due Diligence

The various international financial sector initiatives recently implemented by the U.S. Government and OECD have raised the stakes in both sector regulation and due diligence for many individual businesses. Due diligence is not only required in establishing a business relationship, but is an integral part of understanding the ongoing needs of clients. Companies now need more training and upgraded systems to stay ahead of the curve and avoid the threat of adverse publicity and international sanctions. The commercial need for Due Diligence is worldwide.

Identification and independent verification of records require access to numerous data bases and extensive experience in tackling problems. In today’s world of identity theft, independent verification is essential for clients worldwide – from Chicago to Singapore. Validation of financial instruments and liaison with regulatory authorities are key aspects of due diligence for new and established clients.

GGP principals have the expertise in white-collar crime and financial investigations, as well as established channels of communication with U.S. and international regulatory bodies to conduct due diligence effectively and efficiently.

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