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Our primary goals are to preserve client assets and maximize profits and efficiency. These objectives are woven into every phase of the consulting engagement – from planning, designing and implementing – to managing cutting-edge programs that address:


  • Fraud Prevention
  • Risk Management
  • Money Laundering
  • Bank Secrecy and Patriot Act
  • Compliance
  • Crisis Management


We will assess the individual needs of our clients and develop a customized program tailored to meet those needs in a cost-effective manner. Our cadre of recognized experts have a diverse background in law enforcement and regulation and stay current with the latest requirements and best practices in the financial services industry, casino gaming, health care industry, insurance, banking and government operations.

GGP consultants will conduct an on-site evaluation of the client’s processes and procedures to identify and outline areas of vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Clients will also learn about the techniques used by con artists to profile companies, detect their vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and attack their assets.

Our consultants then work closely with clients to develop a customized action plan to protect their assets and provide training to help clients successfully implement the recommended solutions and remain competitive in their industry.

The customized plan also includes processes for ongoing support, monitoring, and measuring effectiveness. Equally important, our consultants will continuously update prevention and detection systems, so our clients stay current in this rapidly changing regulatory environment that challenges today’s businesses worldwide.

Bespoke Security, Fraud, IP, Litigation Consulting Services

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