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Gaffney, Gallagher & Philip(GGP) is a forensic consulting firm which provides an array of services to vigorously protect assets and manage risk, in a rapidly changing regulatory business environment. Our professional staff of investigators, consultants and analysts utilize their decades of experience in international law enforcement and financial regulation to ensure our global clientele receive excellent value and excellent results. 



Due Diligence

expertise in white-collar crime and financial investigations, as well as established channels of communication with U.S. and international regulatory bodies.


A broad spectrum of investigative services tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Each investigation we conduct is unique and requires a careful assessment by our team of experts to identify the needs and objectives of our clients.

Litigation Support

GGP consultants and legal personnel have the combined skills and expertise that strengthen the litigation team, provide effective case management results and reduce overall costs for our clients.


Crisis Management

A company’s response to a crisis in the first 24 hours is often the key to containment and is determined by the degree of pre-planning, crisis preparation, and the availability of qualified resources.

Asset Tracing

We have the expertise to address internal and external threats by conducting management reviews of anti-fraud systems and developing an aggressive response program for our clients to effectively and efficiently recover their lost assets.

Intellectual Property

GGP empowers clients to take appropriate action to secure technology and company trade secrets.


Consulting Services

Our primary goals are to preserve client assets and maximize profits and efficiency. These objectives are woven into every phase of the consulting engagement – from planning, designing and implementing – to managing cutting-edge programs.

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